Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Temperatures Rising

It's been really cold here this past week. I know compared to the rest of Canada it's almost tropical, but for us west coasters, it's freezing. The temperature has been as low as minus eight degrees with the wind chill factor of -15. Compared to Calgary (-28) and other places across the country (-40), it's pretty balmy here in the Vancouver area, but I'm a big baby and it's been way too cold for me! Though, I will take cold and sunny over warm and rainy most of the time.

Lying in bed the other morning, a little chilly and not quite awake yet, I was either dreaming or recalling a favourite memory in my slumberous state. Mike and I were in our old little room, in our old cozy bed all cuddled up together. He had his big strong arm around me pulling me up against his hot body. All tucked inside him, I felt warm and secure. Hidden under the covers, like two spoons in a dark drawer fitting perfectly together, quiet and still on a cold winters morning. When fully awake, I decided that this is definitely what I miss the most.

Trying to describe that feeling of being enveloped in a warm body, being held and hugged...snow falling, temperature rising on a cold winters morning; there aren't words to describe that feeling. I didn't realize at the time how wonderful, how exceptional it is to be held like that. But now I know and it's what I miss the most.

This morning, again feeling a little chilly and still sleepy, I decided to recreate the scene. With our beds pushed together, I re-arranged Mike's pillows and nuzzled in next to him. My strong arm around his frailty, gently pulling my cool self up against his hot body. Hidden under the covers, not as perfect a fit, but still like two spoons in a dark drawer, quiet and still...snow falling, temperature rising on a cold winter's morning.

How wonderful, how exceptional it is to hold and be held like this!

                                                                           January 2011

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