Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jersey Day

Well, the boys are back on the ice…it’s like an answer to prayer. Yesterday, Mike watched his team, the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Montreal Canadians and then he watched his other team, the Vancouver Canucks get beat by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Our boy, Cory Schneider didn’t get off to the greatest start in net, but we’re glad he’s our number one goalie this season and we’ll be cheering for him again next game.

It’s been a long winter without the ‘Good ol’ Hockey Game’, but our motto is “better late than never” and like Mike keeps telling us, he is bored. So in the morning, he put on his new Leafs t-shirt and sat in front of the set and waited for the puck to drop. Mike wasn’t the only one waiting for the game to get going, it’s like the people have been resuscitated. Everyone is smiling again and sporting their favorite hockey jersey.

Friday was jersey day at Erin Langton Elementary School, where our daughter Erin teaches grade seven French Immersion. It’s also the school she and her brother and sister attended. It was jersey day at Laity View School where my niece and nephew go. I thought it was a coincidence, but Erin told me it was jersey day at all the schools in the district.

I brought Erin her favorite jersey and gave her a lift to school in the morning. She was so excited that I was able to locate her old Colorado Avalanche jersey that she wore when she was a kid...probably a thousand times. Erin is very small, so the jersey she got in grade four still fits her, with the exception of the sleeves, but she can wear it…and she wore it on jersey day with great pride; just like she wore it in grades four through seven and beyond.

We were all big fans of the Colorado Avalanche when Joe Sakic was team captain. Erin started it; she was a huge fan and then she became Sakic’s number one fan when he called her one day after she had hip surgery. Not only did he call her to wish her well, he sent her a signed jersey for Christmas. Erin’s teacher, Mme. Dudley had some connections through a family member and arranged everything. Needless to say, we all became fans the day he called and we will never forget it. (We are also fans of Mme. Dudley who taught all three of our kids)

Anyway, the signed Sakic jersey has never been worn and is in a safe place and the little one Erin took to school the other day is well worn and has a story of its own. With enthusiasm, Erin reminded me about the day she got her treasured Colorado jersey. Erin, the gifted public speaker that she is, had competed that morning in the school’s public speaking contest. She and her brother, Nathan were big competitors; Erin winning every contest, every grade at the school level and some at the district level. This particular speech was on the National Hockey League and Erin delivered it flawlessly. Mike and I of course were there to cheer her on and without my knowledge, Mike later went and purchased the Colorado jersey for Erin and took it to her in the afternoon when he picked the kids up from school. She continued to tell me how it was such a great surprise and how she thought she would never have a Colorado jersey because jerseys were so expensive. She said it was one of the best gifts she has ever received and it was from her best guy – her dad!

Erin has two valuable Colorado Avalanche jerseys, one is priceless and so are the memories!

    Erin with Mme. Dudley who was once Erin's teacher and is now her colleague and friend

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