Saturday, 28 July 2012

What a Heal!

The word 'incurable' is not in God’s dictionary, so we decided to take it out of ours. We believe that God has the solution to every problem. God knows the cure for very illness and disease on the planet. We have been praying for God to reveal the solution…the cure to ALS since Mike was diagnosed in March 2011.

The human body was created to heal itself if things are right. Obviously things aren’t right in Mike, so the idea is to make things right so his body will do what it was designed to do – heal, recover, repair etc. So, we enlisted the expertise and help of a local homeopath/health coach and embarked on a naturopathic regimen a couple of weeks ago.
Our new friend and health coach set Mike up right away with a collection of powders (green and gray and really green), drops, supplements and a really gross breakfast; organic cottage cheese and flax oil. It’s called the Budwig protocol and is used commonly in the natural treatment of cancer. One of the main functions of the Budwig protocol is to reform the oxygen uptake of the cells and provide good fats, the ones desperately needed in neurodegenerative diseases. Most of the other stuff is for detoxification and chelating (the removal of heavy metals). He gets painted with stuff, he gets hooked up to stuff…it goes on all day.

Last week, Mike had his blood analyzed. There was a lot going on and not in a good way. Our health coach told Mike not to be too discouraged. Mike told him he wasn’t discouraged. He said he would be discouraged if they found nothing wrong, then there would be nothing to fix.
Today is the twelfth day, and I must say, wow, I don’t think I could ever do this. Mike has proved himself again to be determined, courageous, optimistic and very strong. When we decided to do this, we agreed that it would be worth it even for the slightest improvement; to blow his nose or feed himself or go to the washroom with a little privacy or roll over in bed. To shake a hand, or wave good bye, to pick up the phone (he never answered the phone anyway). To say what he really wants to say when he wants to say it…we would appreciate any improvement and continue to hope and pray for full recovery.

                                                      Mike's Budwig breakfast...yum

Lunch and dinner

and dessert...a gluten free, dairy free cupcake


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