Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Math Lesson I Understand

Our youngest daughter, Madison graduated from high school last month. She’s our baby, so this significant event in her life hugely impacts mine. My chicks are almost all out of the nest and it makes me sad.

I’m happy for her, sad for me. I’m happy for her because soon she will be off to Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta to start the next chapter of her life. She has been given an athletic scholarship that covers all of her tuition for five years.
Madison was approached by coaches and scouts from twelve different universities this past year with varying scholarship offers to play hockey for their schools (mostly Canadian, a few American). I have mentioned in past blog posts that this past season, I was the trainer (safety person) for her hockey team, the Phantom, who I might add won the BC Provincial Championships this year. Being the team trainer, I was with the team in the dressing room before, during ice cleans and after games. This was advantageous when coaches and scouts came knocking on the dressing room doors. I was able to meet the coaches and ask questions and ultimately help Madison make her final decision.

Needless to say, Madison is an exceptional hockey player; she is a gifted athlete. Athletics has always been a big part of our children’s lives and they are all good at sports. They are all fast, co-ordinated and team players. I think what makes them stand out as athletes though, is their determination, commitment to train hard, listen to their coaches and try their best.
Anyway, Madison has chosen a degree program at Mount Royal that is a combination of business and sports, it’s called: Bachelor of Applied Business Entrepreneurship – Sport and Recreation. Math 12 is one of the required courses for this degree, but Madison didn’t take Math 12 this year, so Madison is taking Math 12 in summer school.

Math was my worst subject; Mike’s too. So our poor children, falling not far from the tree have never done that well in math either. I probably don’t need to paint a picture, but Madison was stressed out right away. She was worried and afraid that she would fail. She was questioning her decision about the program she has chosen, she was talking like she was a failure and that was just the first week of the four week course.
During the second week, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope. While she was studying her math one day after school, she told us how the teacher had said to the students that if they listened and tried their best, they would pass his class. Madison was listening, she was trying her best…it’s like the simplest math equation – one plus one equals a pass.

I keep thinking about what the teacher said and wonder if his students didn’t learn more in that one lesson than they will in all the math lessons of summer school this summer. I think it’s very wise and valuable advice we should all follow. Whether in sports, academics, work, relationships or whatever, if we listen and do try our best, surely we will succeed.
As Mike’s primary care giver it’s a good reminder that if I listen (pay attention) and try my best, I will do well at the job I never in a million years thought I’d be doing. And as a Christian, I apply the same principal to my relationship with the Lord and I think of Luke 11:28, which says, But even more blessed are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice. (New Living Translation)

Two pictures taken from two news paper articles. Top - Madison in action. Bottom - Madison (in front) with friends Payge and Emily.

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