Sunday, 24 June 2012

We Like Mike

This morning, Mike and I stayed in bed a little longer than we usually do. We had the opportunity to sleep in and even though waking up at 8:00am wouldn’t necessarily be considered sleeping in, it felt good to just lay there for a while. At about 9:00, Erin quietly knocked on our bedroom door and asked if she could come in. We told her to come in and she joined us on the bed beside Mike.

Once in a while, Erin joins us in our room on a weekend morning for a little visit before we all get up and start the day. Mike and I really enjoy it. Erin rubs Mike’s head or shoulders or neck and does most of the talking. Erin has always had a lot to say, but she doesn’t talk a lot for the sake of talking, she has very clever ideas, legitimate concerns, and bright and witty comments about a host of topics. Today she told us about some of the experiences of the last few days of her teaching practicum. She shared how she was going to miss her students and how great the teachers were that she worked with.  She told us about the surprise party they had for her and the presents and cards she received.
When Mike was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2011, our children of course took it really hard. Erin being the oldest and the most expressive, took the news the hardest (outwardly) and became proactive about the cause right away. She learned of the annual ALS Walk at Mill Lake in Abbotsford, B.C. that took place in June. Erin entered a team she called Team “I Like Mike” and started inviting people to join the team and began raising money for the cause right away.

Erin speaks of Mill Lake often. She talks about how it was her favourite place to go with her dad while she attended the University of the Fraser Valley. Mike would meet Erin after work and they would run a few laps around the lake, or they would walk the path and talk about current events, or the courses Erin was taking that they shared an interest in.

Last week, Team “I Like Mike” entered the Walk for ALS at Mill Lake for the second year. There was a great turn out considering the weather (rain).  Friends and family came from all over, including some of Mike’s family from Toronto (his mum and dad, his sister Aileen and husband Ross, and sister Pat and husband Gary). Our team raised $4000 and $74,000 was raised overall for ALS.  The funds raised go to research and support for the people with ALS in B.C.
Maybe next year, we will be walking to celebrate the cure!

Mike with sister Aileen, dad and mum, brother-in-law Gary, sister Pat and brother-in-law Ross

                                     Me and Mike with Nathan and Leah, Erin and Madison

                                                                  The Team

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