Sunday, 10 June 2012

Friends Like These

At about ten after twelve last Sunday afternoon, I got a phone call from my friend Debbie. She said, “Are you coming?” I told her I was on my way out the door. I was just helping Mike back from the bathroom and wanted to make sure he had everything he needed because I was going to be gone for a while.

Madison drove me over to where Debbie and a large group of other friends and family were waiting for me. We were at Fabulous Feet dance school and I was just in time to see the first performance. Karen showed me to my seat and Debbie sat beside me and said “This one’s for you.” Three beautiful young women in bright costumes came out and tap danced in perfect unison to the song ‘You Got a Friend in Me’.
About six weeks earlier, Debbie and my other friend, Tammy contacted me and said that they wanted to put on a fundraiser for our family. They were calling it ‘Summer for the Sands’. Shortly after that, Justina, Debbie’s daughter had an invitation out on Facebook with a very impressive program.  

The event started with three dance performances from students of Fabulous Feet. Then there were a number of dance and fitness classes for everyone to choose from. Then a performance by contortionist/dancer, Nathan Knowles, a finalist in Canada’s Got Talent and a few tap numbers by a group called "Taptastics" - three pretty girls and one lucky guy. The entertainment was incredible!
Justina gave a beautiful speech after the last performance…she spoke so well and really touched my heart with her thoughtful words. She reminded me so much of her mom, who I have known for many years and who is one of the kindest, loving, soft hearted and sensitive woman I know. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, surrounded by friends, family, including Erin, Nathan, Madison and Leah, and some other people I didn’t even know, I felt like I was dreaming.

Lastly, the draw prizes were drawn. There were so many gifts donated…really great prizes. The event was a huge success! I tried to say thank you to the group at the end, but it was so overwhelming, I was at a loss for words.
When I left, Justina gave me a poster she made with a beautiful flower on it and the words: Summer 4 the Sands. Some of the people that attended the fundraiser signed it. My 12 year old niece wrote a very sweet message and a bible verse that really sums everything up: Isaiah 58:9 – “You will call out, and the Lord will answer. You will cry for help, and He will say, ‘Here am I’.”

Large crowds are a little overwhelming for Mike right now, so he couldn’t make it…as much as he would have loved to have been there. He did though, with a big smile on his face listen to me go on and on about the event, relaying all the details to him. And together every day since then, we have been humbly thanking the Lord for friends like these.

                                                        Tammy, Debbie, me and Justina
        Linda, owner of Fabulous Feet and friend Adele who helped with draw prizes
                  Hip Hop class. Pictured: friend Celeste's daughters Rebecca and Jocelyn
                                                                          Zumba class

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