Saturday, 19 May 2012

You Deserve a Break Today

Wednesday was a rough day. It wasn’t necessarily a bad day; we had a roof over our heads, food in the cupboard, clean drinking water, and healthy kids, so it was far from bad, it just wasn’t great. Mike was a little frustrated to say the least…things just weren’t going his way and we were discouraged.

We went to bed earlier than usual that night. We thought it was a good idea to end the day as soon as possible and try for something better in the morning. We were eager to go to sleep and put the day behind us, except we couldn’t sleep so things just got worse. Mike was uncomfortable and his legs kept shaking (he has spastic legs). He tossed and turned all night and just one turn takes a lot of effort, so we were both exhausted and by about 4am. I prayed for him again and finally his legs stopped shaking and he fell into a deep sleep.
I got up early and quietly did some house work. I kept checking on Mike and was happy to see him lying in the same position every time I looked in. I wanted him to sleep as long as possible; he needed to recover from the day before and from the restless night. When Madison got up and told me she was going to the gym, I asked her to please pick up a large chocolate shake from McDonald’s for her dad on the way home.

A few months ago, when I noticed Mike was eating less; becoming tired mid-meal and losing interest in his meals before he was full, I started buying him McDonald’s chocolate shakes. I knew they were really high in calories (a large is 1165 calories) and I knew they would be easy for him to drink and I knew he loves milk shakes. I make him shakes too, and he sometimes gets one from DQ, but he really likes the ones from McDonald’s best. We now go there for family outings, the kids sometimes bring him home a shake when they go out and we swing by the drive through after games or shopping or whatever.
When Mike woke up on Thursday morning, he was quiet and still discouraged. I sat in the bed with him and read to him and prayed. We eventually got up and made our way down the stairs. Just when we took the last step, Madison walked in with the large chocolate shake.  When Mike saw the shake in her hands, his eyes lit up and the smile we hadn’t seen for over 24 hours, returned.

Everyday Mike has a berry smoothie and a banana for breakfast, but ‘he deserved a break today’, and a large chocolate shake from McDonald’s was breakfast (along with the smoothie and banana). Before he put the straw to his lips he told me this shake made up for the one he didn’t have yesterday. I knew right away that he was already planning on having another one later. He did have one later that day and as we were leaving for Madison’s soccer game in the evening, he asked if we were stopping for another one after the game. He was pleased and quite proud of himself by the end of the day for setting a personal record; three large chocolate shakes in one day.
Congratulations Mike…that’s quite an accomplishment!

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