Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We Needed a Good Laugh

I guess you could say yesterday was a bit of a sombre day for us. It was just one of those days…no reason in particular. There wasn’t much joking, there wasn’t much laughing.

It was a long day and Mike and I were really tired, but I decided to quickly check my email before we went to bed. I had a few messages including one from Neil (the new friend we talked about in a recent blog post, A Festivas Miracle!). Mike was sitting beside me and we both read Neil’s email together and had a great laugh. We laughed out loud and it was a wonderful way to end the day.
Here is what Neil said regarding my last post, Granddad Needs a Band-Aid:

Hey Friends,
Saw your latest blog about the falls Mike has taken and guess what brother and sister, I ‘m with you! Heehheee! On our way to California on the way to supper from our hotel, I took a fall and scraped my arm as Donna was valiantly trying to hold onto me (good luck on that, have you seen me?) But alas, down I went like I was shot. Then in the room itself I tripped and smacked into the wall, but as always, my head broke the fall. Then, oh yes there’s more! When Donna and I were in San Diego today we wanted to tour the aircraft carrier (my desire seeing as my father served on one in the British Navy) and I was doing great I tell ya and Donna, yes I tell you this is her fault, she says, “Hey, let’s see what’s in here.” “Okay.” I say and as we go in, Donna first leading the way, I lost my footing going over the high threshold and lost my grip on the door jamb and down I go flat on my back but---my head cushioned the fall so no harm, no foul. Now, I’m just nursing my wounds with rum and coke…makes for ease of pain. That’s my story guys, no Dora band aids. I’m sure it would make the healing go faster, but what I find is there’s no sin in falling down, it’s not getting back up even if it takes a while, right Mike?

Take care my friends love you lots, Neil and Donna

His message not only made us laugh a lot, but it was comforting to know someone could relate to what we are going through. It’s not a case of misery loves company, but it’s great for Mike to know he isn’t the only one trying to stay up right.

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