Monday, 9 April 2012

A Festavas Miracle!

Mike and the kids and I, speak a second language. Even though our children speak some French (Erin being fluent in French), that's not the language I'm talking about. I'm talking about “Sein” language. We are all huge fans of the TV show, Seinfeld. I have been watching since the show premiered July 5th, 1989. Week after week, for 11 years I looked forward to curling up on the couch on Thursday nights to see what Jerry, George, Elaina and Kramer were up to. Mike soon caught on and same with the kids (re-runs). It doesn't matter how many times you see an episode, it's just as funny or funnier the second, third or fifth time.

Most everything in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode. For instance, the other day, Erin went to the doctor and he referred her to a dermatologist. I said to her that I would like to go to a dermatologist to have some of my moles looked at. Erin replied, “You could pull an 'Elaine' and come to my appointment with me.” She was referring to the episode where Elaine's doctor notes in her file that she is 'difficult'. The news quickly spreads amongst the doctors of New York and none of the doctor in New York City will see her, so she goes to the doctor with Uncle Leo and pretends to be his personal nurse. She tries to tell the doctor about Uncle Leo's ailment (really her ailment) in order to get the prescription she needs.
I thought about the episode where Jerry dates a Dermatologist and foolishly says she isn't a real doctor because she doesn`t save lives…he forgot about skin cancer.

Recently, I peeled an orange and it was rotten. Mike says, “Fruits a gamble”.  Nathan was telling about a really great parking spot he got. He said he got a George Castansa spot. Then he said, “I hope no one jumps out the window and lands on my car.” Madison was in the washroom today and I just needed a little bit of toilet paper to wipe my nose. Madison says, “I can't spare a square.” I said, “Just a ply…all I need is a ply.”
When we witness an embarrassing situation (someone else's embarrassing situation), we say “That's a shame.” Other expressions include: “Pretty boy Jerry”. “And you want to be my latex salesman.” “Are you down?” ”I'm down.” “You know this is my busy time of year.” “PLEEEASE…PLEEEASE.” “Serenity now!” “GETT OUTT” “You're way off, waaay off”

Anyway, I have been thinking about one episode in particular lately. It's the episode where a beautiful woman mistakes George for her boyfriend. She says George looks just like her boyfriend, Neil. George, having a hard time believing a gorgeous woman like her would have a boyfriend that looks like him, becomes intrigued and wants to know more about Neil. He asks lots of questions about Neil and becomes fixated on Neil, losing his chance with the girl.
The reason I have been thinking about this episode lately is because Mike and I have a new friend named Neil and we have become a little intrigued with “our” Neil. Neil first contacted me on Facebook and asked if I was the one who had the als with courage blog…if I was the one with the husband who had ALS. He explained that he had PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis) an illness closely related to ALS and had many of the same symptoms Mike had. We started communicating via email and I quickly learned that Neil is a lot like Mike. He has a very positive attitude, he has a great sense of humour and he has a strong faith in God.

Neil has been very encouraging and helpful. He has also been very informative. He told us about a medication that has helped him with his muscle twitching (fasciculation). The next time we saw Mike’s specialist, we requested the medication. We have always called it ‘Neil’s pill’.
We have been communicating with Neil since November, but just met him and his wife Donna, who live on Vancouver Island, last Thursday. Neil emailed us quite some time ago to let us know they would be in town for Neil's neurologist appointment at GF Strong on April 5th. Mike and I were so excited that they were coming. They came to our house after the appointment for our first face to face visit. We all agreed that it was like getting together with old friends.

When Neil told us they were coming, he said we would have some laughs at his and Mike’s expense…and that we did. Neil told us of the time he fell and broke three ribs (that’s not the funny part). We laughed when he told us he called Donna at work and told her not to worry, that the ambulance was on its way. We compared stories and had a great time…a few sombre moments too and we prayed. We had a wonderful time together and then they were off. For the Seinfeld fans, it was a festavas miracle! For the rest of us, their visit was a huge blessing!
                                                             Donna, Neil, me and Mike

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