Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mum's the Word

I had a very nice conversation with mike’s mum on the phone the day before yesterday. She had called in the morning and left a message while I was out teaching a fitness class. I called her back while Mike was in the garage on his bike. She was calling to check in on her son and I was happy to tell her he was doing well. We chatted for quite some time before Mike came in from his ride. I said good bye to Sheila and handed Mike the phone. I puttered in the kitchen and was blessed to listen to Mike talk with his mum on the phone in the other room. The relationship between a mother and her son is very special…a mom is the first woman a boy loves. Mike and his mum have a wonderful relationship and share an interest in many of the same things; old movies, politics, current events, history, religion and so on. I have always liked listening to their conversations; they are interesting, educational and funny sometimes. Listening to their conversation on the phone is a little tricky, but it didn’t matter what they were talking about, it just sounded good; so comfortable and so natural. Mike didn’t have to repeat himself once, so even though some of Mike’s words would have been hard to understand, I knew his mum understood and I thought ‘that’s just like a mum’.

My mom and Mike also have a great relationship. After my mom got used to Mike’s pranks, they really started to click. She has found the craziest things in her purse…sugar packs and creamers from restaurants, rocks, empty candy wrappers and other garbage, nuts and bolts (not the snack), and other random objects. She also has the opposite problem with things going missing from her purse. She has looked everywhere for gloves that have disappeared along with shoes, her glasses and so on. Mike is relentless and she is a really good sport. They joke all the time and laugh a lot. They bring out the ‘kid’ in each other and it’s been fun to watch over the years.

Mike is really lucky to have two mums/moms and he knows it. Two moms, equals twice the love, twice the attention, double the birthday money. Some people don’t have one mom and he has two and so do I and we are incredibly grateful…we are so thankful!

The following is my mom’s contribution to the blog:

A LOVE FILLED FAMILY – by Sheila Klassen

My husband, George and I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, their husbands, five grandchildren and a great grandchild!

Mike and Nadine in their early years of marriage stayed with us while they were waiting to move into a new place. Mike was a creative cook and taught me how to tell if the spaghetti was ready. You just throw a string of it against the wall and if it sticks it’s done. I thought that was a good idea until he didn’t bother to take a noodle off the wall one day. When I noticed it a few days later and pulled it off, the paint it was stuck to, came along with it. He had many other helpful hints (lol). We got to know Mike and his antics quickly and grew to like him very much. We thought he was pulling our leg when he told us that his parent’s names were the same ours; George and Sheila, but that story was true.  When Mike introduced his parents to us, it was kind of humorous; Sheila this is George, George meet Sheila, George, this is George, Sheila here’s Sheila etc. Mike is very close to his family and even though they live so far away, they are in close touch and he goes there to visit and they come here sometimes too.

Mike’s illness has not kept him down. He does as much as he can for himself even though Nadine and the children are at his side to help. Mike is an inspiration and draws strength from the love and encouragement of his family (his family, Nadine’s family…one big family!)

Mike and Nadine are a true example of love and marriage! They go together like a horse and carriage. If one is pulling, the other is right behind. We never hear a complaint from either one of them. We are so thankful to God for blessing us with this wonderful family. WE LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU VERY MUCH!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Mike and Nadine they stick like glue.

Top picture: My mom and Mike hiding from the nurses when I was in the hospital giving birth to our oldest child, Erin. Bottom: Mike and my mom polishing off the rest of the ice cream. Both pictures taken in 1989

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