Thursday, 8 March 2012

Let's Roll

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Mike’s ALS diagnosis. We didn’t celebrate the occasion, the diagnosis or the illness of course, but we do believe there are many things to celebrate every day.

The day before yesterday, a big white truck pulled up in our driveway and right away I thought I must had forgotten Big Brothers or the Diabetes Association was coming to pick up used house hold goods and clothing. Instead, a nice young man unloaded a wheel chair and bench for the shower. When he brought the items to the door, I said, “Wow that was fast.” And thanked him very much. Mike said, “I guess it’s true what they say. I must have ALS.”
We had just been to see the ALS team at GF Strong the week before and put in a request for a wheel chair and they suggested the bench for the shower. We also signed up for the ALS Society. We had heard so many great things about the ALS Society and quickly found out it was all true. Lisa from the ALS Society sent an email to introduce herself and let us know of some upcoming events. She also called and left a friendly message, letting us know that she was available to answer any questions and would love to talk and get to know us. I called her back and we had a wonderful conversation. She started by saying that she reads our blog and that it has encouraged and inspired others with ALS. She went on to tell me about the support provided by the Society, the few thousand pieces of equipment that get lent out to those who need it, the programs and events, the tax breaks and other interesting information. She told me about the researchers all over the world who ultimately work as a team to find a cure for ALS and how people have dedicated their lives to this good work. She excitedly told me that she didn’t think they were that far off from finding a cure. Then she said she would happily find a new job if they didn’t need an ALS Society anymore. I told her that we are very hopeful and pray for the cure to come soon. She finished the conversation by mentioning again that she is a faithful reader of the blog. She later followed up with an email with links and attachments and dates of seminars etc.

Shortly after the wheel chair and shower bench arrived the other day, Mike sat down to eat his lunch. I wheeled around a little in the wheel chair and commented a few times at how it looked brand new. Madison was baking in the kitchen and as Mike ate his lunch he entertained us with some witty remarks…he was cracking jokes and making me and Madison laugh. At one point, he said, “Hey, you’re making fun of a guy with a wheel chair.”
Mike has resisted the whole wheel chair thing and of course I don’t blame him. The guy is a stellar athlete; fit as a fiddle. Most of the time when you ask him how he is doing, he replies, “Great, couldn’t be better.” So what does a guy like that need with a wheel chair? I broached the subject very gently a little while ago and told him that we could use it when we are in a hurry to get somewhere or when we are just out for a walk and he needs a break. I told him we could take turns, I would push him for a while and then he could push me. He liked that idea.

Well, today was a beautiful day and Mike was itching to get outside, so he mentioned giving his new wheel chair a spin. I was itching to get outside too, so I jumped at the idea. I pushed the wheel chair out to the end of the driveway and as Mike got in he said, “Let’s roll.” Sure enough, about 10 minutes into the walk, he wanted out and told me to get in.


  1. You are so inspirational you two!!!! I applaude your strength and courage. Sending love and prayers. xox

  2. How awesome... not much more I can say than that... praying for you both and the family!

    Rev Trev