Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You had me at "Adorable"

Mike isn’t your typical ‘romantic’. He has his own way of showing his ‘romantic’ side. Mike and I have had twenty five Valentine’s days together, but haven’t really celebrated any of them. He did hit the ball out of the park on the first one though…he sent me and my mom roses. My dad was away and I guess Mike didn’t want my mom to be left out. Can you imagine? I thought I was dating Romeo…until the next Valentine’s Day that is. Like I said, Mike isn’t your typical ‘romantic’. He doesn’t really go for the commercialism of romance and love. He thinks giving me flowers on February 13th or on February 15th is much more special because everybody gets flowers on the 14th. There was that one other Valentine’s day that he gave me a beautiful gift, but it wasn’t because of Valentine’s day, it was because I gave birth to our third child, Madison (Feb 14th, 1994).
Mike doesn’t buy cards; he has made a few pretty good ones though. Candle lit dinners aren’t really his thing either. The lack of lighting makes it difficult for him to see what I have left on my plate for him to help himself to. He sometimes gives me chocolate, but not necessarily for anything special. I happen to really like chocolate and you know what they say, ‘’A happy wife makes a happy life.’’
Anyway, this is how Mike swept me off my feet in his romantic way: He lived in a big house with a bunch of guys; the house was appropriately called the ‘’Shack’’. I met Mike at the Shack when I was there hanging out with some friends visiting a mutual guy friend who just moved in (people were coming and going all the time). I had met Mike briefly a couple of times, but the third times a charm and that’s when we struck up a conversation. It was the day before Halloween and I was telling him how I had to dress up for work the next day. I told him I thought I would dress up as a mouse, because I was a hostess at a restaurant and it would be easy to move around in basic black pants and a black top. I would just have to throw on some ears and paint some whiskers on my face. He told me to come over before I went to work because he wanted to see my costume. The next day, I was running a little late, so I didn`t make it over to the Shack before my shift, but I did go over after work for the Halloween party. Mike wasn’t there when I got there, but he did come home a little later. He told me he got called into work and not knowing I didn’t come over before my shift, he asked me if I got the note he left one of his roommates to give me. I said, ‘’What note?’’ He said, ‘’Never mind.’’ I promptly found the roommate with the note and asked if I could please have it. He handed me a little box with a note. The note said something like this: Sorry I couldn’t be here to see you in your mouse costume before you went to work, but I got called into work myself. I’m sure you look adorable. Have a good day at work and Happy Halloween! He signed it, Mike. I read the note and then opened the little gift wrapped box. Inside; a piece of cheese! Well, he had me at ‘adorable’, the cheese just clenched the deal and the rest is history!
Okay, so it’s February 15th…my flowers should be arriving anytime now, but it doesn’t matter because every day is Valentine’s Day around here…there is lots of love, that’s for sure!

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