Friday, 24 February 2012

An Elbow In The Rib, A Knee In The Thigh

When we moved into our house seven years ago, Mike and I had to downsize from a queen size bed to a double. It was well worth the sacrifice to move into the home I admired since I was a young girl. This old house is in the neighbourhood I grew up in. My friends and I would ride by it on our bikes on our way to our softball games. We would walk by on our way up town and when we got older, we would drive by it on our way home from school.
It’s a small house, but a really cute one. The master bed room is pretty small. I’m not so sure of the square footage, but you can touch every wall from the bed. I can close the door from the bed. I can reach my hand lotion on my dresser from my bed and with the window at the head of the bed, I can easily close and open it anytime through the night. Mike and I like a cold room and a warm bed, so we sleep with the window open and a big, heavy, thick blanket…it’s comforting.
I often call our bed room a nest. It’s like a hideaway…a little place of refuge. The Lord’s presence is great there, perhaps it’s because lots of prayer happens there. It’s a place to escape. It’s a place to hide, a place to read, a place to cry. It’s a place we laugh and talk and cuddle and other stuff. And of course it’s a place to sleep.
Sleeping in a double bed brings you closer to your mate…literally. When Mike turns over in the night, I’m the first to know. I help him sort out the blanket and pillows. When one of us gets up to go to the bathroom, it’s hard to keep it from the other. Coughing, sneezing, bad breath…just breathing and the other one knows about it. You can’t not touch when sleeping together in that small bed. His claw (hand brace) digs into my back. My cold feet find warmth on his. An elbow in the rib, a knee in the thigh, but we don’t mind, it’s a reminder the other one is there. It’s a good feeling knowing the other one is there.
Last night was different. We slept in a King size bed in the hotel we are staying at while on our last hockey road trip. It was really weird. Mike was way over there and I felt a little lost. Granted I had a good sleep…I stretched right out. I didn’t hear him when he got up to go to the washroom. I did wake up when he came back though, which was good because I could help him get back in. It’s a comfy bed and we are sleeping in it again tonight, but I think I’ll move over a little. I don’t mind the ‘claw’ digging into my back because I know he’s there.
                                                                Our little old house

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