Monday, 9 January 2012

Faith Like a Child

I decided to ditch Madison’s hockey practice this morning and go to church with our son Nathan and his little beauty, our granddaughter Leah…it was a good decision. After some singing and announcements, the children were dismissed to their appropriate Sunday school classes. Leah got up right away and so did Nathan. They started to head to Leah’s pre-school class and Leah reached out for my hand. The three of us headed to her pre-school class room with the other little darlings.
I have gone with Leah many times to the child minding and stayed and played with her during the church service, but recently (even though she is still only two for a few months) she has been going to the pre-school class with the three to five year olds. And she has stayed by herself a couple of times.
Today, though, Leah wasn’t going to let me go. Nathan left after a few minutes, but 'Grandma' had to stay and that was okay by me. First we playing in the spaceship, then we did some coloring. We watched some of the other children do some puzzles and play with the toys. Then it was time for the Sunday school lesson.
We gathered on the brightly coloured mats on a carpeted area in the middle of the room. We sang three short songs with actions. Then we sat cross-legged on the floor while the teacher gave the lesson. It was from Matthew 14 – Jesus Feeds the Five Thousands: When Jesus arrived; He saw a large crowd and began to heal the sick. When it got late, His disciples said that He should send everyone home so they could eat, because they were very hungry. Instead, Jesus had everyone sit down on the grass. He took the five loaves of bread and two fish that He had and gave thanks and then gave the food to the disciples to hand out to the people (about five thousand). They all ate and were satisfied and the disciples collected twelve baskets of leftovers.
The teacher did a great job maintaining the attention of the two and a half to five year olds, telling of the miracle Jesus performed that day in about three minutes. A story I love… a story that has reminded me over the years of the unlimited power of our Lord…and how He takes care of His listener's needs. The children liked the story as well, then they did a craft. I helped Leah glue her fishy crackers and bread sticks to the picture of the basket the children were given. (Most of them just ate the fishy crackers)
After the church service was over, my sister who was also there commented on the really great sermon. For a second, I thought, oh darn, I missed a good message, and then I thought, NO I didn’t.

                        You must have faith like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven - from Matt 18

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