Saturday, 12 November 2011

Poof...You're a New Man

Mike was exceptionally slow on Thursday; his movements and his speech. He said he was very jittery and his muscles were really stiff. I could tell he was struggling more than usual. At one point we were getting ready to go for a bike ride and Mike said he needed to go lie down.  I joined him and we read together and I gave him a neck massage. After a little while, Mike said he was ready to go for a bike ride, but he didn’t want to go all the way to the dike today, he told me he would just go down the street to Merkley Park (the dirt track at the high school). Instead of riding my bike with Mike, I walked over with Molly our dog. When Molly and I got to the park, Mike was well into his ride. Molly and I walked across the running track toward the dirt track and I could see Mike in the distance. At first glance I thought Mike had been healed, he looked like the Mike I’ve always known. He didn’t look like a sick person. He was moving so fast. There were no jitters, no stiffness, no limitations. He looked like he was floating on air and as we got closer I could see a grin from ear to ear.
I threw the ball for Molly in the middle of the grass field and watched Mike ride through the leaves and under the beautiful coloured trees. After about 10 laps, he pulled over and joined us. I told him he didn’t look like a guy with ALS. He smiled and told me to watch him as he walked around me. He said he felt much better and showed off his smoother gait.
Mike told me he thinks that as you approach the pearly gates, you first walk through some bushes and the bushes catch all the things that hinder you…all the illness and disease and other stuff. He said, “You walk through the bushes and then POOF, you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger.” I knew what he meant, but still I said, “Arnold Schwarzenegger? He hasn’t had much positive publicity lately.” He said, “Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but someone like him...someone svelte. I said, “You mean like a new man?” He said, “Yes!” He hopped back on his bike and said he was going to do a few more laps and he rode off into the sun. Molly and I headed home and Mike came a little while behind us. He did seven more laps (10K all together) and ‘poof’ he was a new man.

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