Monday, 7 November 2011

Like Mike

The night before last, after Madison’s hockey game, we stopped at Wendy’s/Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and a frosty. While we were enjoying our snacks, Mike said to us, “See that guy over there?” Being discreet, he tilted his head toward a very large man sitting with a very large woman on the Wendy’s side of the restaurant. My first thought was ‘do you think we’re hard of seeing?’ The guy was huge. He had to weigh at least 350, maybe 400lbs. Mike said, “That guy’s healthier than me.” If it was possible to choke on a frosty, I would have.
Before I could get all upset about the comment Mike made, he had us laughing. He said he was jealous of the fat guy and he said perhaps he could talk him into trading bodies. Mike told us he was going to go over and ask the guy if he was interested in making the trade and then he practiced what he was going to say to make a deal. Mike said that if the guy asked about his arm twitching, he would tell him he was just a little nervous about coming over to talk to him.  When the guy asked about his slurred speech, Mike would say he had had a few drinks. And when the guy asked why he stumbled when he walked, Mike would tell him he twisted his ankle earlier that day.  Mike even had us convinced that the guy would be getting a screaming deal. Madison suggested he could just go on the Biggest Loser to lose all the weight.
Mike has spent his life taking good care of his body. An avid runner, ball hockey, and soccer player, he has always loved being physically active. Mike has also paid attention to good nutrition; he has never been a smoker, or drug user and not a big drinker. Statistically, Mike should live a long and healthy life, but of course there is no guarantee. I’m sure if he was asked, he would say he wouldn’t have done anything differently and he would say he is thankful for the life he has been given…whether long or cut short.
Our good friend, Karen starts her chemo therapy treatments today. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer this past July. She had a mastectomy in September and today she will get her first dose of chemo. Karen is tough as nails, but is particularly worried about losing her nails, one of the many side effects of the paticular chemo therapy she's receiving. Mike and I have been praying that she won't lose her nails.
Like Mike, Karen has always taken good care of herself. She has always been physically active. She loves running, walking, hiking and cycling. She has participated in many of my fitness classes, challenging me to keep her challenged…a very tall order. Last summer she did the Grouse Grind about 20 times. Like Mike, Karen has been diligent to prevent illness and disease, but unfortunately, as I mentioned before, there are no guarantees. Like Mike she has kept her great sense of humour, she is super positive, she is thankful for everyday and she is living life to the fullest. Like Mike, she is going to fight like a world class champion, but at the same time, she isn't afraid of dying. If anyone can beat it, she can and we'll be watching and praying.

                                 Erin and Mike at the finish line of the Vancouver Sun Run - 2008

                                       Karen and I flexing at a hockey fundraiser - 2009

Karen at the Walk For a Cure - breast cancer fundraiser Oct 2011. Her team, Team K3, won the prize for pinkest team. You can check out Karen's blog at She is a such an inspiration!

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  1. I did not lose my nails during chemo but certainly lost my hair. It was not big deal. I loved how little time it took me to get ready after my shower. My nails took a beating but they are now stonger and thicker than before. And I love my new metallic gray hair!!!

    Thinking of you guys often! God Bless!