Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It Takes a Village - Part 1

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I’m thinking it takes a village to support a guy with ALS.
Alan from 'Jim’s Mowing' came over yesterday to put up our Christmas lights. I wondered if Alan and his young assistant, Trevor knew I was feeling a little blue, and decided to come by to cheer me up. They had no idea, but that’s what happened when these two men showed up with a really tall ladder to hang our lights.
A few weeks ago, I opened the front door and a man was on the porch just about to put an envelope in our mail box. He said hello and told me his name was Alan and handed me the envelope. He said he was from ‘Jim’s Mowing’ and that he saw the article about us (called Sands of Time) in the Maple Ridge News. He said he and his colleagues wanted to offer their services free of charge…raking, mowing, weeding, gutter cleaning etc. I took the envelope and thanked him. I was at a loss for words and got a little choked up. I didn’t even shake his hand…I just kind of stood there in awe. Alan said he was impressed with our courage and genuinely wanted to help.
My mom was over at the time, so I opened the letter and read it out loud. The letter said that he, (Alan) and a number of his colleagues in their organization read our story. He said that our fortitude and courage is a lesson to them all and they agreed a letter should be sent asking if there was anything they could do to help us. The letter stated that they had decided last year to try and support the ALS society and those who are coping with ALS because one of their own guys is in a similar situation. Alan’s letter stressed that they would all really like to help in any way, regarding jobs to be done around the yard. He said they were not seeking publicity, recognition or any gain, but just sincerely and honestly wanted to help. He said they very much hoped to hear from us. My mom and I both with tears in our eyes said “Wow!” in unison.
I emailed Alan a few days later and thanked him very much for his thoughtfulness and generosity. I told him that perhaps in the spring time, he could do some yard work for us. He quickly responded and said, “Do you need your Christmas lights hung? How about your gutters cleaned?” What a guy…what a great guy!
Alan is an answer to prayer. As Mike and I pray every day that the Lord will provide for our needs, He supplies faithfully!
                                                Trevor and Alan from Jim's Mowing.

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