Monday, 21 November 2011

He Gives a Hoot

Ida from the Healing Room (see blog post Man of Steel) told Mike to look for signs that the Lord is near; to look for signs of His love. I believe there are signs all around us of God’s love, such as oxygen, water, food, shelter etc., but Ida was challenging Mike to look beyond the ordinary…to look for the extra ordinary signs. Mike has a strong faith and he isn’t the type of person who needs signs. He is already convinced of God’s love, plus faith is about not seeing and still believing.  Anyway, I knew what Ida meant. She meant that Mike should look for personal signs…extra ordinary signs for an extra ordinary time in Mike’s life.
The other night when it was time to go to Madison’s hockey game, Madison headed out to the van with her equipment and Mike followed behind her. I told them I’d be right there, I just needed to grab a few things and turn out some lights. I was just heading out the door, and Mike was there on the front porch. He had come back to the house to ask me to get the camera. I knew right away that there had to be something extra ordinary for Mike to be calling for the camera. I asked him what it was. I asked if it was a racoon, because racoons can be vicious and we probably shouldn’t be getting up close to take a picture of a racoon. Mike shushed me and said, “Just get the camera.” So I grabbed the camera and followed him outside. We went out to the drive way and he said, “Up there.” He looked up at the owl sitting on a wire right over our drive way. Madison was like a statue. She said in a soft voice, “He’s been staring at me the whole time.”  I couldn’t believe it was an owl. I have never seen an owl before, outside of a zoo, that is. It was a very large owl, and it's eyes were in the back of his head, keeping a close watch on all of us. Owls, of course, don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, but they can turn their heads 270 degrees. I took a few pictures, but I was unable to capture this magnificent animal because it was so dark. I do have a magnificent image of it in my mind though, and I can’t stop thinking about that owl.
I’ve been talking about this owl a lot and Mike keeps saying, “Why do you give a HOOT?” I wondered if it was one of the signs Ida was talking about, but I was stumped…what kind of sign was this owl? Maybe it wasn’t so much a sign as it was a reminder. Maybe the Lord sent the owl to remind us that He has eyes in the back of His head. Well, not that He has eyes in the back of His head, but that He never loses sight of us.
Like never before, we find comfort in the fact that He never loses sight of us. This weekend on a road trip with Madison’s hockey team, while we were about an hour from our destination of Prince George, Mike took his pills. I could tell there was a problem when he took the last one. It seemed like he was having trouble swallowing it. I was just talking to him not long ago about how we need to cut up or crush his pills and I should have implemented that plan right away. Mike was indeed having trouble swallowing the pill. He kept taking sips of water and looked like he was growing more and more concerned. He was breathing, so I remained calm and kept handing him the bottle of water and asking if he was okay.  After a few minutes, I knew he wasn’t okay. He struggled for quite a while and panicked a couple of times. Thankfully, one of the other hockey moms stepped in to help us. We were so relieved when Mike finally chucked most of it up, but small pieces remained for a few hours. Later, he said it was the worst thing he has ever experienced. It was one of the worst things I have experienced as well. It was so hard to see Mike in that situation and I couldn’t help but wonder, with some fear and anxiety, what is yet to come.
As I anticipate what’s ahead, I find so much comfort in knowing God never loses sight of us. We are not doing this on our own…He always sees us…He is always with us and I am not that afraid. Meanwhile, I guess all my going on about owls has left Mike thinking about them too...I can hear him on the couch singing; “OWL be home for Christmas…”

                                          If you look closely, you can see the owl on a wire.

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