Saturday, 1 October 2011

You're The Best, Man

Mike was honoured when our son, Nathan asked him to be his best man. I already knew for quite some time that Nathan was going to ask him, because Katrina, Nathan's beautiful bride to be let me in on it. Best man pretty much sums it up. Best is best. There is good, then better, than best. That's it, there is no higher calling. You just can't do better than "best". Okay, I’ll shut up now and tell you a little about this best man and why his son and two daughters might think he is the best. First of all, he is the greatest trick or treater on the planet. I can still see their little faces watching in awe as Mike shared his secrets to collecting at least twice as much candy as the other kids. They were also amazed how he could throw the insides of the pumpkin in a pan and put it in the oven and after a half hour or so, pull out a beautiful pie. He got away with the trick for a year or two until they clued in that Mike quickly made the switch when he sent them off to play…Mike still denies it. Mike played with his children at the park, and never let the ice cream guy go by without buying three cool treats, or more depending on how many friends were in tow. Sometimes he set up his own ice cream stand and with the help of our children, he would sell ice cream cones to the neighbour kids for one cent a cone…his motto was "we will not be under sold." It wasn't unusual to have ten to twenty kids lined up to place their order at our kitchen window and Jared, the boy from across the street with a dime, thinking he was going to score ten cones, but little did Jared know, Mike wasn't in it for the money. Mike was never too busy to tell a story, solve a problem or patch up a wound. Road hockey, a little baseball and kicking the soccer ball around was part of their regular routine. Mike did their, I mean helped them with their homework and skipped them (and friends) out of school to see their favourite movies. Even with mike's hectic work schedule, he managed to make most of the games, track and cross country meets, public speaking competitions, plays and school band concerts. Roller coasters and roller blades, water slides and water fights…Mike was like a big friend. Mike is still a friend, just not as big now that they are almost all grown up.
Even though Mike never followed the Dr. Spock principals of child rearing, his son and daughters think his methods were best. And to prove it, this past August, proud as punch, Mike stood beside his boy and was the best 'best man' a son could have.
Proverbs 22:6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
                                     Nathan the groom, Leah the flower girl, Mike the best man
                                                   Nathan, Corey, Adam, Mike and Curtis
                                                                 Katrina and Nathan

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