Monday, 17 October 2011

My "R" Rated Blog - by Mike Sands

The reason this blog is ‘R’ rated, is because some of the pictures are very graphic and may be disturbing to some readers.  
I went for a bike ride on the dike a couple of days ago, and had an accident.  A dog jumped in front of my bike and I went for a spill.  When I hit the dog, he hardly moved in his tracks as I wasn’t going very fast.  Unfortunately for me, my co-ordination and reflexes are not as quick as they were before getting ALS.  I have difficulty catching myself, so my knees and face took the brunt of the fall.  My sister had just bought me an expensive helmet the week before, after she heard of my previous accident (see ‘Look away, I’m hideous’ blog).  I didn’t have my new helmet on because I thought I wouldn’t need it on the dike where there are no cars.  After falling, I had to pedal about seven miles back home.  All I could think of was how much my sister was going to give me heck for not wearing my helmet.
After I showered off the blood, I noticed my nose was broken.  I went to my doctor and he sent me to the hospital where he would meet me later to set my nose.  He said he would stuff cocaine up my nose (cocaine is the drug of choice for nasal work as it dulls the pain and is a vasodilator) and set it. While in the emergency room at the hospital with my wife and sister-in-law, Elanna, we had a good laugh over the days events.  I decided I would write a story for Nadine's blog.  We went over different titles for the blog and these are a few titles we came up with: Look Away, I'm Hideous Part 2Scarface 2, Nose to the Grindstone and Dog Day Afternoon.
I got back on my bike the next day.  I must admit, these past biking accidents have made me more tentative, but biking is the only means of exercise at my disposal (I can’t run or lift weights anymore) so I can’t give it up for fear of accidents.  To my sister Pat; I will wear my helmet all the time, even on the dike.

before...and after clean up

Possible Titles for my Blog:

                                                                         Face Plant 

                                               Tareyton. We'd Rather Fight, Than Switch.

                                                     Don't Get Your Nose Out of Joint

                                                                 Nose to the Grindstone

                                                               Eric Clapton singing:
                                               "She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie...

                                                                   Dog Gone It!

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  1. Oh Mike... the first one was bad enough then you had to go and top it with this one!

    I have to admit... when I saw the pic... I had to turn away... you look like George St. Pierre challenged you to an MMA fight in the octagon!