Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mike's Glass is Half Full

            Today Mike said to me that there was a positive side to taking so many pills…he gets the recommended eight glasses of water a day. The guy always looks on the bright side. When the big 'horse' pill goes down sideways and he gags it back up, he says he’s fine and tries again. He never complains.
            Mike’s glass is always half full. He is a positive person. When he was diagnosed with ALS on March 7th, he remained pretty hopeful that he had been misdiagnosed. When the doctor recommended that he stop working and go on long term disability, he said he could use some time off. When his right hand continued to weaken, he said, “It’s a good thing, I’m left handed.” When he was unable to run anymore, he was glad he could go for walks. When he gave up the walks, he was thankful he could still ride his bike. When he fell off his bike and landed on his face (again) and broke his nose, he said that the accident taught him to be more careful and perhaps it would prevent a worse accident down the road.
I was attracted to Mike’s positive attitude right away, and it’s a quality that has blessed me throughout our 23 years of marriage. Time and time again, Mike has helped me to put things in perspective and keep my chin up. On Mach 10th, only three days after Mike was first diagnosed, I couldn’t sleep, so I sat in bed and read. Mike woke up and asked if he could pray for me. He thanked God for choosing me for him, and asked the Lord to make my burdens light (a prayer he continues to pray for me every day). He went on to say that he was thankful for everything, even the things he doesn’t want. He prayed that he would learn what he is supposed to learn from the very humbling experience of being diagnosed with ALS. He said that the “humbling experience” will cause him to rely more on God.
Never try to live your life with God in any other way than His way. And His way means absolute devotion to Him. Showing no concern for the uncertainties that lie ahead is the secret of walking with Him. Oswald Chambers

                       Pictured - Mike getting back on his bike a couple of days after his last accident.

 (Today, Mike's face is completely healed - you would never know he broke his nose less than two weeks ago)


  1. Hi Nadine,

    I ran across your blog on twitter and oh my gosh I loved reading every word! I love you faith in the Lord and your strength and courage. Of course Mike's too. My dad was dignosed with ALS September 2010 and he too was an avid runner. I can relate to so many of your stories.

    Just a little tip, my dad started having trouble with swallowing pills too and we have been dipping them with a spoonful of yogurt, (take the yogurt and pill at the same time) it works like a charm. Most of all, I just wanted to let you know I will
    be praying for you and your family. And praying for an cure for ALS!! God is faithful! Oh and we can totally relate
    with the whole laughing thing...my sister and I always say, " well we can choose to
    laugh or cry right now and we choose to laugh! "

  2. Hi Nadine..

    My father in law was diagnosed with AlS, it took a year to properly diagnosed as he had started with his legs giving out oh him, and muscle cramping... He went to a cinic to check his cholesteral, the Dr told him it was high and put him on a medication that was to help that. Some of the side effects from this medication could cause muscle weakness. Silly .. I really wish he had took the time to enjoy the rest of his time with his family. Live his time remaining enjoying life like your hubby. I know we all have our own ways of grieving, but we don't need too do this when ones are alive... Our days are too precious, and making memories are so important. You have a angel to great you in heaven, when it is your time.

    Mike is a inspiraton to people, and families that are going threw this. We all need humor in our lives. Tears are important too.

    My father in law passed away in his sleep at the age of 58. Just one year after he was diagnosed. He was just beginning to not be able to walk, he suffered head aches as when he slept he needed oxygen to help that. I think he willed his self to heaven, he had work there to do.

    I pray for your family, and Mike. I am having a pub night at the Cat and Fiddle for ALS on Saturday the 5th of November. We attend the Surrey Als walk every year.

    Keep Smiling