Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Larger Melons

I didn’t sleep well last night, plus I gave it all I had in my spin class this morning even though I have a cold, so today after lunch, I had to lie down for a few minutes. Just as I put my head on the pile of unfolded laundry on the couch, I heard Mike say, “Well, I’m ready for a bike ride now.”  What? I am way too tired, I thought, plus it’s too cold and it looks like it could rain. Do I tell him I don’t want to go? Do I tell him I can’t go? Do I pretend I’ve been bit by a spider and I can’t move my body? I managed to drag myself off the couch and put on a second pair of socks, a heavy sweater and a long jacket. I guess I didn’t look that enthusiastic because when we left, Mike said “I don’t think you really want to go.”
Mike continues to inspire me every day. He never complains, he never whines, it’s never “woe is me.” I, however whined for the first ten minutes of our bike ride, but eventually I warmed up and decide to enjoy every minute with my beloved. And just like he said, I didn’t need the long jacket. We talked and joked and every five minutes we had to stop so I could put on or take off another layer of clothing. During our quiet times, these were some of my thoughts: I should have called my last blog ‘Larger Melons’ instead of ‘Dream Team’, because ‘Larger Melons’ is a much catcher title and would probably entice more readers and I thought how the blog before that (Happy Giving) was perhaps too long and it wasn’t about Mike, so no one will really want to read it. I thought how I need to get a case for Mike’s new knife (see Dream Team) because I threw the knife in my bag when we went to Organic World for lunch today and when the waitress showed up with Mike’s steak sandwich I reached in to get the knife and almost lost a finger. I thought about all the new movies that showed up in a package today from Mike’s sister Pat…I was particularly excited about the Get Smart season 2 DVD. I thought how Mike is in such good shape even though he has a terminal illness and how his positive attitude and strong faith will contribute to his quality of life and how he very well could out live most of us. I thought about many things and as we pulled up in the drive way, I thought how I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that bike ride with Mike for the world.

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