Friday, 16 September 2011

Fried Chicken Bucket List - by Mike Sands

A blog by Mike
I always considered anyone dying before 50 as dying ‘young’.  Anyone who dies 50 or older is ’early’.  Anyone 60 and up has had a ‘good life’.  Anyone 70 and above has lived a ‘full life’.   In a few months I’ll be turning 50 and I now have a sense of relief; ‘whew’ I made it to the ‘young’ section. (Meanwhile all the other people hitting fifty are dreading it).  It’s funny how your fear of things disappears when someone tells you that you haven’t got long to live.  My fear of flying is no longer a problem.  Who needs sunscreen anymore.  Using aluminum pots may cause Alzheimer; I say bring on the scrambled eggs.   I’m the official taste tester for food that doesn’t smell or look right, as e-coli is a fear of the past.    It’s ironic that I have always kept an eye on being physically fit. I generally eat the right foods, don’t smoke and I exercise regularly; all that and I’m still left with this diagnosis.  All these years of staying healthy I could have been eating tasty fried chicken and McDonald’s every day.  I guess I have some catching up to do.
I’ve never been afraid of dying.  I’ve heard too many good stories about the afterlife.  I think we all have trepidation about dying as God puts the fear of dying in us so that we don’t jump off a cliff in our teens after getting jilted for the first time.  If we instinctively knew there was a better life waiting for us, we wouldn’t cherish and hang on to this life.  I think we’re supposed to live a good productive life while leaving your mark and making a difference in the people around you.  This can be accomplished without having to live to your 80’s; as Abe Lincoln says, “it’s not the years in life that count; it’s the life in your years.”  When I was given this terminal diagnosis, the thought raced through my head that I have to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do but not got around to.  Climb Mount Everest?  Never had the inclination.  Go to Hawaii?  Not on my bucket list.  See the Eifel tower?  A postcard will do fine.   I was at a loss to find something that was I had missed out on.  I do believe I have experienced everything that I wanted to experience; of course I would like to experience more of it, but I’m not about to pine over it.  I have to go now, my Kentucky Fried Chicken order has just arrived.  What’s this, they forgot the gravy!

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  1. You are so courageous, Michael. I have a niece going through something similar....this will help. Keep strong. Ruby Brett