Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Big Sisters

My sister Elanna called the other day to ask if we needed any cat food. She saw a great deal on ‘Friskies’ and thought of us…or, I guess she thought of our cats. My sister has been the best big sister a girl could have. She has looked out for me since day one. My parents tell me how when they brought me home from the hospital, Elanna had all the children in the neighbourhood there to welcome me. She doted on me then, and she dotes on me now. She encourages me, compliments me, brags about me, helps me, gives me things, pays for me, and so on. She is like an extension of my parents who lavish me with love and gifts and continue to take care of me even though I’m all grown up.
Mike is the youngest in his family as well. He has an older brother and three older sisters. Along with his parents, his siblings live in Toronto with their families. His sister Pat, all of eleven months older than Mike said not long ago, “Michael will always be the baby.” During a recent visit, she definitely treated him like the kid brother he has always been to her. He was well taken care of…meals and gifts including a boat load of new socks and a new electric razor. Pretty much anything he needs, she has him covered. She even chased away some bullies...or, maybe I’m getting that mixed up with Mike’s childhood memories growing up in Scarborough, Ontario in the 1960s .
Mike’s sister Aileen, made a surprise visit the weekend we participated in our first ALS walk in Abbotsford. Erin, who organized our team, (Team “I Like Mike”), tried to convince her aunt Aileen to join us in the walk, but she kept coming up with a “bunch of lame excuses” as Erin put it. Little did we know, she had booked her flight and was keeping the visit hush hush. Just before we were going to start the walk, someone passed Erin a kite and told her it was from an unexpected team member in the crowd. We looked around and there, to our surprise was Aileen…what a great surprise!
Today, Mike received a card in the mail from his oldest sister Moira. On the front of the card it said “No matter where you are…” and on the inside it said, “You are here” with a picture of a bear holding a heart in his hands up against his heart. She wrote in the card how she hopes we will come soon for a visit.
Mike has a life time supply of socks and our cats are well fed until the spring. We are so thankful for our big sisters! So, to our big sisters…No matter where you are, you are here (I am pointing to my heart).
                                                   Elanna, Leah and me - Christmas 2010

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